Report reaching SALONE TIMES indicates that staff of the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) who are assigned to do the installation of meters being supplied by meter vendor approved by government to supply the public are either not up to the task or employing deliberate act to slow the process.

Most people who have applied to Holley Technology to secure their meter have expressed that EDSA is frustrating them by failing to install their meter as was promised by the vendor.

That even though they have fulfilled all the necessary criteria that should guarantee the installation of their meter, EDSA is not fulfilling their own part of the job.

The people have complained that the action of EDSA is completely different from the assurance that was made by the Deputy Minister of Energy, Eldred Tunde Taylor at the commissioning of the Holley Technology office at Campbell Street, that within 7 to 10 working days a customer’s meter will be installed after meeting the necessary criteria.

Data from the Holley Technology office sales point at Campbell Street in Freetown shows that out of over One Thousand (1000) meters that have been purchased by people and given to EDSA to be installed only Sixty-Three (63) have been installed by EDSA.

Sales Agents at the Campbell Street office affirmed that they have been receiving plenty calls from customers who have paid for their meters complaining that EDSA is yet to install their meters despite meeting the necessary criteria.

Responding to the concerns, the Public Relation person of EDSA, Sahr Nepoh stated that they installed the meters based on what is made available to them by Holley Technology.

He also added that the installation is done by EDSA after doing their inspection to ascertain that there will be no problem after the installation before they (EDSA) installed.

He stated that the entire process takes Fourteen (14) days which is contrary to the Seven (7) to Ten (10) working days that was sated by the Deputy Minister of Energy at the commission of the Campbell Street sales point.

Consumers believed that EDSA has come up with their usual antics to undermine the Minister of Energy Alhaji Kanja Sesay.


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