By Amadu Kargbo

The wife of one Joseph Maligi Sesay has informed this medium that her husband, a driver, disappeared 20th October 2016 from the hospital he was admitted in.

According to her, members of the local Poro society, a powerful esoteric cult in Mile 91, Tonkolili District, surrounded their house one morning on 10th October 2016 and forcefully took his husband to their secret society bush where he was tortured because he resisted eating raw flesh and drinking blood to be initiated to take the Poro society position of his late father, Abu Sesay, whose secret society name was Sokobana Samayorgbor.

She said her husband told him that he was mercilessly beaten, cut on his left arm with a machete, causing him to lose consciousness.

Regaining consciousness, she said her husband told her that he found himself in a vehicle with his uncle, Noah Sesay, a member of the secret cult by his side on their way to the Kambia Government Hospital, North of Sierra Leone where her husband was admitted.

When she visited her husband at the hospital, she said she was also told by her husband’s uncle that her husband must agree to be initiated into the Poro society; but her husband still refused to be initiated, a possible reason members of the secret society attacked their house at Mile 91, raped her, killed her younger sister and burnt down the house and their stepfather, and also vandalized the vehicle he was driving.

She said she managed to escape from the secret society attackers; but when she went to the hospital to see her husband, he was nowhere to be found, and she has not seen him since.