Following the ranting of Coalition For Change (C4C) over the District Youth Election in Kono, the Minister of Youth Affairs, Mohamed Orman Bangura has set the records straight.

Explaining to NEW AGE, the Minister said that youth issues should not be politicised rather everyone should come on board to look at the problems affecting young people with an aim of addressing them.

“Ever since the emergence of the Youth Commission Act in 2009, which establishes the Youth Council, this is the first time a youth council election is being held across the country right from chiefdom level to district level,” Minister Orman stated.

He said that there are no problems or questions about the elections in all other parts of the country expect Kono where people want to politicize the elections.

“It was the National Electoral Commission (NEC) that conducted the elections across the country and it was never about SLPP, APC, C4C and any other political party,” he added.

It could be recalled that the Coalition For Change (C4C) members of parliament wrote a petition in which they accused government functionaries of interfering with the elections.

Also a press release believed to have come from Civil Society Bodies in Kono raised similar concerns, but the Minister of Youth stated that all the allegations are not true.



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