In a video circulating on social media, some disgruntled youths believed to be supporters of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) were shown bringing down the billboard of President Bio which was mounted at their Unity Artaya Base at Calaba Town.

Responding to the issue, a press release from the Unity Aataya Base stated that they were dismayed at the unnecessary destruction of the 2018 campaign billboard of the current president allegedly by member (s) of the Unity Ataya Base in Calaba Town.

Destroying the billboard, one of the youths with a machete stated that he has a case with President Bio, adding that he is ready to go to jail and die.

Acting Secretary General of the Unity Ataya Base, Sallu Ibrahim Lahai could not state the reason for the violence but accused former Chairman of the Unity Ataya Base, Mustapha Yamba of inciting the some of these youths to rebel against the current leadership of the Ataya Base.

Lahai further stated the former chairman is into the habit of holding night meetings with some of these youth just to see that peace does not reign in the community.

That he is doing all what he is doing because he had wanted to hold on to power as chairman even after the expiration of his tenure noting that their reason for setting him aside is because him being a civil servant should not be seen championing a political activity.

Lahai maintained that three of the youths who were involved in the violence have turned themselves to the police at the Calaba Town Police Station and that the issue is now under investigation and that it will be charged to court.

He noted that the association is now doubtful of one of the three persons who have turned themselves to the police station who they believed to be an outside and also working with the former chairman of the association.

That they condemned the entire act and completely distanced themselves from it.