Despite huge doubt over the possibility of a bridge across the Atlantic connecting Lungi to Freetown in the minds of many Sierra Leoneans, the Executive Director at the World Bank Group for Africa Group 1 Constituency, Anne Kabagambe has lauded President Bio for his vision to construct the Lungi Bridge.

She said so in a meeting with the President, noting that the bridge will be one of the greatest achievements for Sierra Leone.

She thanked the President for making timeout of his busy schedule to meet them and to discuss issues relating to the relationship between the Bank and Sierra Leone.

She said that they are working with Sierra Leone as close partners in development, adding that she was excited that the two parties have always had partnership frameworks that led their conversations.

She explained that African countries were moving into a digital economy and commended the Government of Sierra Leone for being instrumental in looking ahead, noting that they were excited to be able to deliver on that and expressed hope that working with the team in-country, they would be able to deliver.

Presenting the World Bank Chief at the State Lodge, Minister of Finance, Jacob Jusu Saffa, said that Madam Kabagambe was a critical factor in their engagement with the Bank.

 He continued that she is a very experienced technocrat with years of professional service, representing twenty-one African countries at the Bank.

In his response, President Bio said that his government was fully committed to developing the country.

He said Sierra Leone had had quite a lot of challenges and therefore quite a lot to do to surmount those challenges.

 He explained how he valued the partnership and cordiality between Sierra Leone and the World Bank for which he expressed gratitude to the Bank.

He said his government started off with a very difficult economy for which he had to do quite a lot to stabilise the situation, adding that there are still challenges.  He mentioned that his government had started the process of digitalisation as a way to catch up with the global economy. 

“The Lungi Bridge, for us, is transformational because it is important to open up this country. We have identified it and because it is going to open up the country, we are still determined to continue with it. We are committed to better the lives of our people and we are creating the eco-system that invites investments,” he said.


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