Dennis Sandy, the self style Minister of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment has again misbehaved and acted unlawfully.

Sandy, this time around has revoked all leasehold on state lands that were awarded by ministers of lands before him.

“In order to prevent or eradicate the rampant backdating of land document from the ministry, forgery of signatures, conversion of state land into private ownerships and ferocious land grabbers, the public is hereby informed that the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Environment has with immediate effect ceased to recognize any offer or letter of lease and site plans signed by the past directors of survey and lands, past permanent secretaries and past ministers on any fresh and undeveloped land that has not been officially laid out by the current minister,” a press release signed by both the Minister and His Deputy stated.

That the ministry will no longer tolerate any claims on state lands using document signed by past ministry officials.

That all those holding lease offer letter on these fresh and undeveloped lands are informed that their leases and null and void adding that they are advised to re-apply.

Lawyers interviewed by NEW AGE revealed that the Minister should know that people applied and paid for the leasehold that were granted them.

That the Minister should also know that there are laid down procedures one can used to remove a leasehold from someone which is based on the lease agreement with government.




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