Sierra Leoneans have been left in state of bewilderment as to the statement of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Priscilla Schwartz with regards their elected representatives in Parliament.

“Parliamentary actions cannot bind the executive,” AG Priscilla Schwartz noted.

Adding that: “the legislature at the time of the passing of the proclamation by their own procedure, took upon themselves a motion that we must bring regulation before them. That is a parliamentary action. It cannot bind the executive because I was not even there, I was unaware of their own undertaking.”

What the Attorney General failed to know is that her deputy, Umaru Napoleon Koroma was in Parliament and he made undertaking after Parliament acted in good faith that the regulations will be brought to Parliament in few weeks when the State of Emergency was passed in March this year.

Attorney General continued that regulations in emergency are entirely in the purview of His Excellency the President who is head and determines what regulation should come into force.

Recently, Parliamentarians fumed at the way and manner they have been treated by the Attorney General and Minister of Justice for failing to take the regulations for state of emergency which the President declared in March 20 this year pursuant to section 170, subsection 7 of the 1991 constitution.

The Leader of the Opposition in Parliament Hon Chernoh Maju Bah said that the AG must bring the SOE rules to Parliament for validation as agreed before it becomes too fatal for the nation.

That if not the main opposition will not participate in any Parliamentary activities.

“The Attorney General has treated Parliament with contempt and disrespect which we can longer take,” said Hon Mathew Sahr Nyuma, leader of Government Business

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hon Solomon Sengepoh Thoma said Parliament refused to be treated with levity by a person or persons from the Executive arm of government, noting that all Attorney Generals before now have presented rules and regulations before Parliament when there is a State of Emergency and hence, cannot allow the current AG to go scot free on this.

Sierra Leoneans now wait to see what the elected representatives will do with the manner in which a presidential appointee has treated them.


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