The visit of the Indian Vice-President sometimes back in the country left many Sierra Leoneans doubting the credibility of Choithram in terms of their operations in the country.

As if this is not enough, fingers have again pointed at the Choithram Charity Hospital of having a part in the death of the 5yrs old alleged rape victim.

This time around, they (Choithram) have been roped in by the mother of the nation, Her Excellency Fatima Bio that they failed to attend to the victim when she was brought in at the hospital.

“While I was shocked and very angry to know that Choithram Hospital refused to treat her when taken to the hospital but is not compared to what I am feeling right now,” the First Lady affirmed.

She expressed sympathy to the family of the victim and assured them that justice will be met to the perpetrator.

Responding to the allegations, Choithram Memorial Hospital noted that the allegations were false, citing that the child was immediately attended to by doctors on duty when she was brought in at the hospital.

That treatment was not given since they detected that there was no sign of life when she was brought in.

However, people are now concerned that allegations of such nature are frequently coming up against Choithram.


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