Few days ago, four (4) senior police officers of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) were suspended based on concerns of corruption, neglect of duty, improper practice, failing to comply with standing order issued by the Inspector General of Police (IGP), and for a conduct or act that is against good order and discipline.

This was brough to the attention of the public by the Director of Professional Standards at the Headquarters of the Sierra Leone Police in a memo to the four (4) senior police offers in question.

In the memo, the Director of Professional Standards SLP, stated that in accordance with Regulations 23 (1) and (2) of the Police Regulation of 2001, that C/Supt. John K. Alpha- Congo Cross, Supt. Mohamed K. Allieu- RHQ. Freetown East, Supt. Tommy B. Zizer- RHQ. Freetown West and Inspector Brima Amara Munu- CID, HQs have been suspended with immediate effect.

That their suspension is to ascertain an impartial and timely investigation for the various offences made against their persons at the CDIID Headquarters.

“You will remain suspended until the outcome of the investigation,” the memo stated.

That the LUCs/Support Officers at the Congo Cross, Lumley and Harbour Divisions should ensure proper handing over and retrieve all police property including ID cards and other badges of identification from them.

“You are to report at CDIID Police Headquarters, Freetown at 09:00 hours daily till the outcome of the investigation comes out,” the memo ordered.

It is believed that the issue could be linked to an investigation of a murder case that was tempered with.