COVID-19 Emergency Task Force Team comprising of Major General David Taluva (Field Operations-RSLAF), AIG Elizabeth Turay (Field Operations-SLP), Amb Tamba Lamina- (Local Government Coordination), Hon Mohamed Orman Bangura (Youth Coordination), Dr Sartie Kenneh (Health Coordination), Brig. Prof. Foday Sahr ( Head Technical Pillar, COVID-19 Response), Abdulai Caulker (Decentralized Security Coordination) and Rtd. Col. Tucker (Monitoring Operations) left Freetown on Thursday 9 April to formally establish District Emergency Operations Committee (DIEOC) in the 16 Districts of Sierra Leone.

The process will last between  7-10 days and the aim is to standardize field command structures in all districts.

As part of the COVID-19 response action plan, efficient and effective field operations are critical to rolling out strategies and policies in support of the experts in the Ministry of Health and Sanitation.

That a centralized command/structure  will strengthen information systems, ease Coordination of activities, clarify and enhance upward reporting and downward command instruction channels.

The team will engage regional and district stakeholders in an effort to identify hiccups and challenges with the view of harmonizing efforts in addressing them.


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