Dating the 4th April 2018 to the 4th April of this year, the President Bio led administration has completed two (2) years in office.

The upsurge of the Corona Virus has left big nations in the world crippling as they find it very much difficult to contain the deadly virus.

On Tuesday 31st March, Sierra Leone recorded its first case of the Corona Virus which was made known by President Bio during an emergency press briefing at State House.

“I called this press conference today to announce that Sierra Leone has registered its index case. Case #1 is an imported case. I repeat: Case #1 is an imported case. He is male, Age 37 years, and he came to Sierra Leone from France on an Air Brussels Flight on 16th March 2020. He was immediately placed into Quarantine. He was tested at the end of his Quarantine period and his result came back Positive,” President Bio disclosed.

Immediately after the index case, another positive case was recorded on Wednesday 1st April 2020 which was also disclosed at an emergency press conference by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation which brought about the subsequent announcement of a Three (3) Days Lockdown, starting on Sunday 5th April to Tuesday 7th April 2020.

The outbreak of Covid-19 in both Guinea and Liberia propelled the government of Sierra Leone to intensify its preparedness measures and a subsequent 100% concentration or more on containing the virus.

Despite the Corona outbreak, many people hold on to the belief that not much has been done by the New Direction administration as there are major lapses in governance structures.

That Two (2) years in office now, the change that the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) campaigned on for which the people voted them in power for is yet to be manifested by the Bio led administration.

That the Two (2) years in office of the SLPP was already in a failed trajectory prior to the outbreak of the Corona Virus pandemic which has brought major economies in the world to a standstill.

They also expressed that the hardship which is biting most of the people in the country is not unconnected to the fact that government is yet to stabilize the economy which was wildly the campaign promise of the current Minister of Finance, Jacob Jusu Saffa that they (SLPP) will solve the bread and butter concern of the people.

However, the people praised the government on the fight against corruption, which they believed is one of the major success drives of the administration and the education sector, especially the introduced Free Quality Education flagship programme but questioned the quality aspect of it.


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