Before the COVID 19, Sierra Leone Cable Network (SALCAB) headed by Mohamed Kebbay Jr. boasted that they have a 500 SchoolS internet connectivity project for which they have connected up to 100 schools.

Some months back, NEW AGE published that the said huge millions of dollar project is a sham and scam and that nothing has been done since the project was launched and awarded  some two years ago.

The said 500 School Internet Connectivity Project was awarded without any form of Competitive Bidding and that a project of such nature should have been placed on an international Competitive Bidding but was surreptitiously awarded to AfCOM one of the 7 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) which in itself gives an unfair ground to one ISP as against the others.

Interestingly, the head of 500 School connectivity project who awarded the contract to AfCOM, Kpakima is now working at AfCOM where he is now overseeing the same project he awarded to AfCOM.

This has been described by good governance experts as massive corruption and double standard by SALCAB as they called on the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to investigate SALCAB.

The Chairman of SALCAB, Sorrie Fofana in response to the said publications denied any wrong doing on the part of SALCAB

But as the saying goes the proof of the pudding is in the eating, now that Schools and Colleges are closed as a result of the COVID 19, it is expected that the much trumpeted 500 Schools Connectivity Project of which SALCAB and AfCOM claimed they have connected 100 schools would have been useful for E-Learning.

To the disappointment of Sierra Leoneans even the 100 Schools, SALCAB and AfCOM said they have connected are not doing any form of virtual education to put pupils/ students on speed.

More on this in subsequent editions.


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