Lieutenant Colonel Moriba Mohamed Kposowa,  commander of the Joint Presidential Guard Force (JPGF) has on the 15 January told Court Martial Board Members and Judge Advocate that they do not have 14.5mm rounds at their ammunition holding centre.

Lieutenant Colonel kposowa said   after discovering the ammunition at the cesspit  near the Presidential Lodge, Hill Station, he alerted  the Logistic Officer at the JPGF holding centre to crosscheck the types and amount of ammunition but there were no cause for concern.

The army commander, who was appointed in May 2018, said part of his responsibility includes training and providing security guards to the presidency and also make request for all that is required for their operation.

The Army Commander told the Court Martial Board Members and Judge Advocate that, on 18th June 2018  he was called by one of his officers who gave him information about the discovery of the ammunition at the presidential lodge. He said he informed the Deputy Minister of Defence about the situation and the deputy Minister went with him to the scene where they met CID officials and Military officers.

He added that the Deputy Minister saw the ammunition in the half-opened cesspit made some inquiry ordered the military and civil police to investigate the matter.

He furthered that after they have opened the cesspit, they invited a technical staff to witness the removal of the ammunition. He said he observed that the ammunition were covered with leaves and mud, adding that although many of the ammunition were corroded but can still be used.

He said the JPGF quarters that are located closed to the Lodge were occupied by the families of the former presidential guards and they were occupying the said quarters until the discovery of those ammunitions.

Superintendent Mohamed K.Alieu, CID investigator said one thousand six hundred and six(1,606) 14.5 mm rounds of ammunition and one hundred and seventy eight(178) 12.7AA rounds was discovered at the cesspit and took the ammunition to the exhibit clerk at the CID.

He said during the investigations, a particular document was handed over to them by one Colonel Sylvester Bonkai about some ammunition that was missing and they immediately when summoned the three accused persons and the first accused confirmed that he was living at the building were the said ammunition were discovered.

Both witnesses were testifying as the sixth and seventh prosecution witnesses in the ongoing court martial trial involving three military men that have been charged with five counts of conspiracy, larceny by servant, willful neglect and ordering damage to service property, willful damage of service property, and conduct that is prejudicial to the group order and military discipline, contrary to the Armed Forces of the Republic of Sierra Leone Act No.34 of 1961, as amended.


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