It is still unknown whether the substantive Ombudsman of Sierra Leone, Melron Nicol-Wilson has been sacked or not.

Report from the Office of the Ombudsman revealed that the office of Melron Nicol-Wilson was broken into by some staff of the commission allegedly led by the Executive Secretary, Sosor Conteh and the designated ACTING Ombudsman, Lois Kawa.

The report continued that the Communication Officer of the Office of the Ombudsman wrote a MEMO to all staff that their new Ombudsman is Lois Kawa despite she has not be approved by Parliament pursuant to section 18 (1) of the Ombudsman Act of 1997.

That the Executive Secretary, Sorsor Conteh summoned a meeting at the Office where he incidentally introduced the yet to be approved ACTING Ombudsman to the staff, an action that could be termed as contempt of parliament and a gross violations of the laws of Sierra Leone.

Communication Officer, Christopher Wallace Johnson when contacted said that he will not confirmed that the office of the substantive Ombudsman was broken into but confirmed that a staff meeting was held in which the yet to be approved ACTING Ombudsman, Lois Kawa was introduced and that the MEMO he sent to staff was authorized by the Executive Secretary.

Section 18 (1) of the Ombudsman Act of 1997 empowers the President to appoint an ACTING Ombudsman but that he should be approved by Parliament.

Section 5 subsection 3 of the Ombudsman Act of 1997 also shows the way and manner in which the President should relieve the Ombudsman from Office.

‘’The statement of misconduct referred to in subsection (2) shall be addressed to a tribunal appointed by the President for that purpose, subject to paragraphs (a) and (b) of subsection (5) of section 137 of the Constitution; and subsection s (6) and (7) of that section shall apply, with the necessary modifications, to the removal of the Ombudsman,” the aforementioned section stated precisely.


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