The recently published Audit Report has revealed issues of corruption in the House of Parliament.

Sometimes last year, surveys undertaken by Civil Society Organizations revealed that the Parliament of Sierra Leone is one of the state institutions in which corruption is prevalent.

A report by the Center for Accountability and Rule of Law (CARL) ranked the Sierra Leone Parliament as the 4th “most corrupt” institution with 47% of the targeted respondents indicating thus.

Within the same year, a perception survey conducted by the Institute for Governance Reform (IGR) through the Afro Barometer rated Parliament as the 2nd corrupt institution following the Sierra Leone Police that was rated 1st by the survey.

The survey noted that many Sierra Leoneans stated that their Members of Parliament (MPs) are infective, rarely visit or help their communities and are untrustworthy.

Responding to these claims, the Speaker of Parliament described the report as a deliberately orchestrated and calibrated conspiracy to damage the good image of Parliament.

However, with the revelations made in the Audit Report, many people are now left with the belief that the reports put forward by the CSOs have been justified.

The Audit Report disclosed that a contract entered into   between Parliament, Ministry of Finance and Ndeva Support Service for the provision of consultancy service of which payment amounting to the tune of Le340,000,000 was made without evidence of the consultancy work. Several other issues of misappropriation by Parliament were raised in the report most of which the Auditor General maintained remain unresolved