Several efforts have been made to save the Finance Minister, Jacob Jusu Saffa from the wrath of President Bio who from all indication is believed to be unhappy with the current state of the economy in Sierra Leone.

This come after critical media in Sierra Leone called on the President to relieve the Minister of Finance from Office because he (JJ Saffa) has not only failed to meet the expectation of the people but has also betrayed the confidence the President reposed in him.

In  a local radio interview on Tuesday 12 August morning, the once vociferous minister of finance was heard stammering when he was asked about the promises which he made that he will turn the economy  around in six month after taking office.

Minister Saffa even  struggled to talked about the difference he has made ever since he was made Minister of Finance

He stated that they have implemented the single treasury account and that they are generating huge revenue while at the same time spending within their limits.

That they have not resorted to bank borrowing at least to pay salaries.

When asked about the exchange rate in the country, the Minister of Finance said that he does not know about the exchange rate.

He even went further to explain that he does not bothered about what the people are saying because in his words, Sierra Leoneans talk a lot whenever they are fully-feed.

Sierra Leoneans who listened to the Minister said that he is not only clueless and arrogant but that he is also incompetent for the job


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