Sources within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation who cannot be named for obvious reasons have intimated New Age that the request of President Bio for the Chinese Government to send a plane to take his delegation to and from China like they were doing for President Koroma was refused.
The reason for the refusal could not be unconnected to the illegal activities of Chinese in Sierra Leone which have culminated into their arrest and deportation.
That the ministry gave fiats to over 30 people for the president’s visit to China at the expense of the government of Sierra Leone.
That the fiats were in fact given a month ago so as to encourage them to prepare well ahead of time for the trip.
President Bio who was telling the people of Sierra Leone about the number of people in his delegation some months ago when he was elected has deviated from his normal practice.
The President has now been going on oversees travelling without informing the people of Sierra Leone the number of people in his delegation.
Like all other recent oversees trip, the President through the Press Secretary failed to inform the people about the number of people in his delegation to China.
The Press Secretary, Yusuf Keketoma Sandi in his media advisory informed Sierra Leoneans that the President will be travelling with the first lady and some government functionaries with no specifics to the Forum of China-Africa Cooperation Summit that will be hosted by the Chinese President Xi Ji Ping in China.


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