Since the announcement of the presidential run-off election result on 4 April which relegated the then ruling All People Congress (APC) to opposition, their (APC) 7 storey building project at Pultney Street in Central Freetown has come to an abrupt halt.

The building which was moving at a faster rate before the election has been abandoned with no work going on the said building.

Document sent to the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) by the ruling APC concerning the said building revealed how a whooping sum of $988,413 which in the early part of this year was correspondingly, 7,413,172, 500 billion Leones would be spent on the APC/CPC Chinese Friendship 7 storey building .

When the Building Project was launched it sparked a lot of debates amongst ordinary Sierra Leoneans who saw the action of the APC, in contravention with their grassroots philosophy.

The APC started the construction of the now abandoned building at the time Sierra Leone was facing serious financial meltdown as the government itself announced an expenditure rationalization measures.

During the turning of the sod of the 7 Billion Building by Former President Ernest Bai Koroma who is the Chairman and Leader of the APC, he said, “China’s years of well built relationship with the ruling APC is but the cause for the construction of a seven storey APC/ CPC Chinese Friendship Building.”

Although  civil society activists and other people referenced the political parties ACT of 2002 which they say obligatorily stated in section 19 (1), “the source of funds of a political party shall be limited to contributions and donations whether in cash or in kind of person who are entitled to be registered in Sierra Leone,’’ the then PPRC Chairman, Justice Patrick Omolade Hamilton confirmed to NEW AGE that the APC submitted document to the commission in relation to the construction of a new party office in which it is stated that the building will cost USD988,413 (correspondingly 7, 413, 172,500, billion Leones) and will be likewise funded by the APC and not the Chinese as was earlier stated.

However, investigation carried out by NEW AGE revealed that a Chinese company engaging in multiple activities in Sierra Leone including petroleum, manufacturing and construction carrying the name of SKM at 386 Bai Bureh Road Calaba Town was the one doing the 7 storey APC Building    for the APC in exchange for Army Barracks contracts.

Ordinary APC supporters believed that Chinese are not to be trusted as they were only financing that building because the APC was in power and now that they are out of power, they have abandoned




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