Sierra Leone’s Chief Minister, David Francis has again stated that he is not a politician.

He made this statement again while launching the National Achievement Awards of All Walks of Life (AWOL) at Raddison Blu in Freetown.

Launching the award, the Chief Minister stated that he is not a politician but a technocrat with the political instinct to survive.

This statement left so many people in the hall bewildered that this man keeps on saying he is a technocrat and not a politician.

That although he is a technocrat and an expert in Peace and Conflict Studies, the Government Transition Team Report (GTT) which he supervised is replete with ethnic and regional connotation.

That the same report tried and jailed people by describing former government officials as running a “criminal racketeering enterprise” without the due process.

Journalists in the hall commented how could someone claimed he is a technocrat when he is refusing to answer to journalistic queries.

That they like the aspect where he said that he has the political instinct to survive and that is the reason the man said that they need a percent of corruption in the country when the President is saying corruption at all levels is bad.


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