By Thomas Dixon

Public Notice from the Office of The President has seen the sacking of the Minister of Mines, Rado Yokie while the former Director of Petroleum Directorate, Timothy Kabbah is now the Minister of Mines.

The wife of the Chairman of Sierra Leone People Party, (SLPP)Ann Marie Baby Harding was transferred from Financial Intelligent Unit (FIU) to the      Ministry of Mines to play the second fiddle and David Nyamakoro  Borbor is now the Director of FIU.

But why is it that in two years, Sierra Leone has got 3 Ministers of mines and four different permanent secretaries in the Ministry of Mines.

People say that it seems as if the Ministry of Mines like the Office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice is the hot seat in the country.

The first Minister of Mines in the Government of President Bio was Morrie Mayen who is now Sierra Leone’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and the now sacked Minister of Mines Rado Yokie was appointed.

It is believed that, Rado Yokie did not live up to expectation as he was unable to do much in the mining sector and that under his tenure, he had so many problems with mining companies.

But others are of the view that the problem in the mining sector is not with the Ministry of  Mines rather it is the National Mineral Agency (NMA) which has a regulatory functions but wants to usurp the function of the Ministry.

That several times Rado Yokie has had problems with NMA because  NMA wanted to usurp the functions of the Ministry.

That Timothy Kabbah as a young professional will also have problems in the Ministry as long as no calibration is made at the NMA.


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