Just as in the past, the just conducted Students’ Union (SU) Elections for the Presidency of the Fourah Bay College University of Sierra Leone (FBC-USL) was not free from chaos.

It is believed that voting in the conducted elections was closed when students went on the rampage to the point that one of the ballot boxes was snatched by a student who carted away with it to the bush.

After the closing of the polls, a meeting was held between the administration and representatives of the various aspirants.

During the meeting it was resolved that the ballot boxes will be taken to the Office of National Security (ONS) for safe keeping and subsequent counting of ballot papers or otherwise.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor, Fourah Bay College University of Sierra Leone, Professor Lawrence Kamara maintained that the violence behaviour that was carried out by students resulted to the destruction of properties and that their candidates will bear the cost of the destruction by their supporters.

Expressing his disappointment on the chaos, one of the presidential aspirants, Adama Sillah stated that they were expecting elections to have commenced by 9 am but it was not the case as they had to sign on the ballot papers before the commencement of voting around 10 am.

She noted that she had received series of calls and text messages from her supporters who have complained that they have not been allowed to vote.

She admonished her supporters to exercise patience in order to allow the process to go through and noted that the Students’ Union Elections should not be a do or die affairs as there is life after the elections.

Another aspirant, Fatamata Binta Jalloh expressed strong dissatisfaction over the entire process and noted that they will not accept the outcome of the elections should thing turn the other way round.

She furthered that prior to the elections, they advised the administration to ensure that students are not allowed to occupy the SU Building since voting will be taking place at the Amphitheatre but that their concern was not listened by the administration.

She also raised the concern of a ballot box that was opened before moving them to the ONS, even though the Deputy Vice Chancellor stated that the boxes were all sealed.

She stated that there is every tendency for ballot stuffing to happen since the box is not sealed.