President Bio has been using executive orders in almost every other thing from slashing business contracts to  giving public service employment to party loyalist.

When the President came to power because of the excessive use of executive orders by him(Bio), he erroneously annulled a legitimate tax law only for him to put the blame on the then secretary to the president, Denis Vandi who was fired, only for him to be made Special Envoy on Trade and Investment.

Sierra Leoneans have also seen the use of executive orders to employ the political cronies at Sierra Leone Ports Authority Road Maintenance Fund and other government institutions.

Some parliamentary approved contracts were also annulled by President Bio, using executive orders even though the government had option of going to court.

As such one of the credible Civil Society Organizations, Campaigned For Good Governance (CGG) in their press release on the reflection of the President’s one year in office condemned the excessive use of executive orders in Sierra Leone’s nascent democracy

“CGG is concerned about the over reliance on Executive Orders to make policy,” they stated .

That Sierra Leoneans can hardly quarrel with the problems these Executive Orders try to solve.

“What is worrisome is that Executive Orders do not build consensus, they diminish the power of the legislature, and are open to abuse,” CGG maintained.




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