Saturday, April 17, 2021

GTMS Cargo Tracking Excels In Africa

GTMS Holdings, a UK Based company which was first established in 2014 and has created an effective and efficient cargo tracking system virtually interlinking all major ports to a central global database system using a SAAS and physical architecture employing the latest technology, infrastructure and human capacity.

IPRP Orders CDC Of Moyamba District To Refund Over Le90 M

By IPRP Communications Unit The Independent Procurement Review Panel (IPRP) on Wednesday 17th February 2021 in a ruling ordered...

Finance Ministry Pays Over Le3B To Unknown Employees

“We compared the names of employees in the Ministry’s staff list with the names on monthly payrolls in 2019. We observed that the names of 63 employees were seen in the payroll vouchers who received salaries and other allowances (net pay) totaling Le4,757,240,782 but these names were not on the staff list provided by the Ministry,” the audit stated.


“Payments totaling Le3,656,411,823 that were made to suppliers and contractors for the period under review lacked salient supporting documents such as delivery notes, back-to-office report, invoices, receipt etc.,” the report stated.

Ghost Workers At Ministry of Finance… Over Le1B Unaccounted For

That a total salary of the tune of Le1,252,822,596 was made as payment to the unknown individuals without appropriate evidence to prove their status as staff.

As Govt Records Poor Revenue From Guoji… Ministry of Trade Cross Out Agreement

That the company had never paid its 20% proceeds obligation to the government and at the same time enjoying duty-free concessions at the port.

CSOs Back Audit Service Sierra Leone

The four civil society organisations which are: Budget Advocacy Network ( BAN), Center for Accountability and the Rule of Law(CARL) 50/50 Group Sierra Leone, Institute For Governance Reform (IGR) stated in their release that they acknowledged concerns from sections of the public about the office of the Auditor General, and hoped that the Parliamentary scrutiny of the 2019 report would help resolve those concerns in ways that do not undermine or compromise the strong independence of the Audit Service.

Billions of Bad Loans By Rokel Commercial… Bank…PEE CEE AND SONS TO COUGH UP...

The Audit Report revealed that the RCB gave out the sum of Le3,000,000,000 to Pee Cee & Sons as loan of which the sum of Le2,927,123,086 remains to be paid by the institution as of 31st December 2019.

Business As Usual… Rokel Commercial Bank Gives Billions of Reckless Loans

The recent report by Audit Service Sierra Leone which is charged with the mandate of looking into how efficient and effective public money is being spent, has revealed that the Rokel Commercial Bank gave out bad loans.

Audit Service Defends 2019 Annual Audit and COVID Audit Reports

She stated that it's the responsibility of the Auditee to give evidences and proofs on how public funds have been spent.

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