Friday, June 5, 2020

23% Increase In Govt. Revenue Generation

“The Government revenue in FY2019 was Le 5,643.8billion, increasing by 23% over the amount of Le 4,582.1billion collected in FY2018. This compares adversely against the budget target of Le 5,662.8billion, with a slight negative variance of about Le 19.02 billion,” the report indicated.


“The increase which is about Le13.44 billion will result to the monthly teacher payroll increase from 42.95 Billion in March 2020 to 56.40 Billion in April 2020. Therefore, the annual teacher wage bill will now increase from Le476.16 billion in 2019 to Le636.62 billion in 2020 including additional cost of new teachers brought on the pay roll,” the release explained.

Customers Praise SLCB Management

In taking financial inclusivity to the grassroots, many SLCB customers have said that the bank’s community banking kiosks at Goderich, Wilberforce and Jui have been of great help to them.

SLCB Presents Over Le5 Billion Dividend To President Bio

On his part, President Bio said that he was pleased to have presided over an important occasion indicative of his government’s effective and efficient management of the state.

Revenue Streams Revealed…OVER Le 340M MISSING AT IMMIGRATION

The 2018 Audit Report has revealed that just for the year 2018 the sum of over Le340, 000,000 has not been accounted for by...
Sierra Leone Finance Minister

As Some Govt. Workers Yet To Receive November Salary… DRY X-MAS IN SALONE

While other parts of the world are expecting a joyous Christmas season, Sierra Leoneans are grumbling over the fact that things don’t seem to...

SALONE Loses US$224M

Senior Programme Officer for Budget Advocacy Network (BAN) Abdul Rahman M.Sesay  said that two years ago when they did...

Despite Huge Doubt… World Bank Praised Bio’s Lungi Bridge Vision

Despite huge doubt over the possibility of a bridge across the Atlantic connecting Lungi to Freetown in the minds of many Sierra Leoneans, the...

As Finance Dishes Tax Waivers To Private People… Over Le 80 Billion Missing In...

The Minister stated that 16.5% of the over Le 500 Billion duty waivers which is over Le 80 Billion was dished out to private investors.
Sierra Leone Finance Minister

The Wellbeing of Sierra Leoneans Remains Challenging…IMF Cautions SLPP Govt

“While the economy is continuing to recover, the outlook remains challenging and improving the well-being of Sierra Leoneans is an ambitious endeavor,” the IMF stated.

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