Wednesday, July 28, 2021

President Bio Is A Transformational Leader

Thankfully, His Excellency said he did not promise a quick fix of a broken economic country, rather he wanted to be judged at the end and not the beginning of his rule.

The New Face of UN Women Country Office Sierra Leone: Setcheme Jeronime M. Mongbo

Jeronime is multitalented with areas of expertise non-limited to strategic planning, compliance, leadership of teams and country missions, the management of large-scale development and humanitarian programs, government and donor relations.

President Bio’s Free Quality Education is a Worthwhile Investment for the Country’s Next Generation

Currently, the Bio administration is giving the Education Ministry 21% budgetary allocation from the Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF), the largest allocation ever since Independence which has led to an enrolment of about 2.5 million pupils in Government and Government-assisted schools, the highest ever in Sierra Leone’s history.

Wicked Legacy… $60M For New Freetown City Council Building

These confessions are very vital for our contraptions development. Perhaps, and only perhaps, Sierra Leoneans will begin to appreciate the level of rascality inherent in those who have held, and continue to occupy, the highest political offices in our land.

The Repealed Criminal Libel Law: An Epoch of Media Emancipation In Sierra Leone

Senior Journalist and Editor of Salone Times Newspaper, Thomas Dixon expressed delight in the expunging of the law, adding that the step taken will embolden and enhance credible, independent and responsible journalism in Sierra Leone, and will, as well, open a floodgate for media investment so that, the much-trumpeted media poverty will be a thing of the past.

Securiport Partners With Confirm Bio Sciences For Rapid Testing Kits

Securiport is the company that is handling security (profiling of international passengers) at the airport and border crossing points in Sierra Leone, and with the development of this quality testing kits, Sierra Leone will increase it safeguards from Coronavirus.

Repealing Part 5 of 1965 Public Order Act Enhances Bio’s Democratic Credential

I could recall how former Minister of Information who was a journalist, Mohamed Bangura and former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara (JFK) were very genuinely eager for Part 5 of the Public Order Act to have been repealed but the political will was never there especially from the Presidency.

Expunging Criminal Libel Law Is No Recipe For Irresponsible Journalism

The Amendment of the Public Order of 1965 and the IMC Acts is geared towards resolving these and many other issues affecting the Sierra Leone media landscape.

Momoh Konteh: A Worthy Friend

“The relationship between Kabbah and I became sour! I lost huge amount of money, I had already invested,” Momoh said.


The Act, if enacted by Parliament, will give the IMC sweeping powers to even shut down media houses on grounds that 'it is in the public interest so to do'.

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