Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad were taken aback when a video circulating on social media shows a junior minister of local government, Phillip Teteman Tondoneh molesting the elected Mayor of Freetown City Council, Yvonne Aki-Sawyer.

This happened this past Saturday 6 October during the national cleaning exercise in which there was a serious altercation between the them.

The video described a deputy minister that was desperate and determined to embarrass an elected mayor of the capital as he kept on shouting on her.

Pointing his finger on the Mayor, Minister Tondoneh shouted, “Who are you? You are just a mayor like any other mayor””

He later hissed at the mayor as he was calm down by a tall fellow of Orange Mobile Network.

Again, as the mayor was explaining her responsibility and the system she has put in place for trucks to dispose of bins they have gathered, at the same time, a personal assistant of the substantive minister of local government was shouting on the Mayor that she is under the ministry.

“Na Sabotage dis. Look dis na 12 O Clock, that is a total sabotage. You don’t have that right-that is not within your jurisdiction. You are being supervised by this Ministry. You understand!” Junior Minister Tondoneh shouted at the Mayor

The mayor made her point very clear, “ it is not sabotage. We have a responsibility to ensure that process of trucks is sorted out,’’ but the Minister rudely interrupted, ‘’No! No! You have a limit, 120 trucks, only 69 are out, only 69, you understand!”

As the Mayor was trying to make things clear to him, he shouted again, “ I don’t care about that, the total number is 120! You have no mandate to stop the payment of contractors!”

The Mayor responded that she has a responsibility but the junior minster insisted that the mayor had no mandate

“You have no mandate, you are sabotaging the process… you also went and purported to orange as if you are in charge today… You are not in Charge!!! Who are you to seize their money?” deputy minister Tondoneh continued his outburst.

But the Mayor kept her cool and said, “I am supporting the President… I am supporting the agenda of the President.’

Minsiter Tondoneh replied that he will deal with the mayor appropriately.

While the Mayor was insisting her commitment to supporting the President on public radio on Monday 8 October, Deputy Minister Tondoneh refused to show any remorse as he puts it, ‘’R nor regret.”

It could be recalled that the Chief Minister in the launching of Government Transition Team Report that the SLPP minister will not behaved unethical as Sierra Leoneans wait to see what will happen to deputy minister Tondoneh.


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