Huge amount of multiple currencies were intercepted at the  Lungi International Airport, in Sierra Leone by  Sierra Leone Police and the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

One Yusif Antar, a Sierra Leonean of Lebanese decent and one Alimamy believed to be working for Westminster Security Agency at the airport are currently helping the police in their investigation.

Head of Criminal Investigation Department Supt. Tommy said that the police is currently investigating the issue and that the Sierra Leonean-Lebanese in question has told the police that he is a businessman at Wilberforce Street in Freetown and that he was travelling with the money to purchase land at Lebanon.

He said that is his (Yusuf Antar) own story but that the Sierra Leone police will continue the investigation.

He maintained that it is illegal for one to travel with such huge amount of moneys.

According to him, the currencies which the police intercepted are 60,375 British pounds, 254,000 Euro, 368,414 United States Dollars and other currencies including that of Dubai and Lebanon and over Le800, 000.

Tommy furthered that it was a Presidential Guard from State House who raised the alarm after one Alimamy working for Westminster was helping Yusif Antar to beat the security system at the airport so that he will travel with  the money.


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