By Alieu Kondoh

The Minister of Energy, Alhaji Kanja Sesay has delivered the third consignment of materials for the Bo/Kenema Network Rehabilitation and Expansion Project at the airfields in Bo and Kenema lodge in Thirty-Six (36) 40ft containers.

 Delivering the third consignment of materials, Kanja Sesay informed the people of the two districts about the desire of President Bio to ensure that the electricity situation in the two cities is permanently settled.

He added that the poor electricity supply in the two cities is so bad that many people have lost hope in the process but he however maintained that the President, Vice President and himself had on different visits urged the people to show patience as they are finding a permanent solution to the electricity problem.

The Minister said that the latest consignment comprises LV cables and accessories, noting that the project had already begun with the mobilization of materials, promising that the actual physical civil works and subterranean and overhead cabling, which are the two components of the project would commence in September after the rains.

He assured that the labour force for the project would be drawn from residents of Bo and Kenema.

Government had surpassed the 16% access rate to electricity supply and that the current record would be bettered once the various projects are completed, he maintained.

Ing. Dr. Edmund Wuseni, The General Project Coordinator in the Ministry of Energy, stated that due to Covid-19, new areas that were not part of the original project design have now been incorporated.

In their statements, Project Manager, Sinotec, Mrs Zheng and Resident Manager, T&D Solutions Limited, Pawan Kumar maintained that T&D is dealing with Lot One which involves building Six 33 kv substations, and Sinotec handling Lot Two which involves 700 kilometers of LV work in Bo and Kenema and in six villages along the highway.

Mrs. Zheng said that the project would make use of some 176 different types of transformers, adding that the contract period is Eighteen (18) months.

She assured that by August next year, the project would have been completed.

It is expected that the Bo-Kenema Network Rehabilitation and Expansion Project will surely solve the issue of electricity in the two cities which is in line with the New Direction Manifesto commitment.