Sierra Leone Finance Minister
Jacob Jusu Saffa, Minister of Finance

Sierra Leoneans have been hoping that the current Minister of Finance, Jacob Jusu Saffa will turn things around in order to cushion the hardship they continue to go through day in day out.

This belief as placed on the Minister of Finance by the people is not unconnected to the fact that he (JJ Saffa) running to the 2018 elections paraded radio and television stations campaigning on the platform of bread and butter for the average Sierra Leonean.

Few days ago in one of the Good Morning Salone programs in which JJ Saffa Featured as one of the guests to discuss issues relating to the continuous economic hardship in the country, he maintained that the bread and butter issue is now better off.

Most people stated that living condition in the country is now worse than it used to be.

They (Sierra Leoneans) have considered Saffa’s statement of the bread and butter concern being better than it used to be as black lies.

A major concern expressed by many people is that how could a Minister of Finance not know the exchange rate when the least Sierra Leonean in the market places knows it.

He (Saffa) stated that the difficulty of things in the country is a result of negative economic policies of the past regime and that they are now trying to fix things by way of reducing arrears.

He added that they have also consolidated the fiscal revenue in order to increase revenue generation in the country.

Family who used to pay school fees for their children will have to pay no more and those monies will be used to address other home affairs, Saffa affirmed.

He (Saffa) also denied that there is nothing like economic crisis in the country, a view which has been bashed at by likeminded Sierra Leoneans.


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