Governance is about credibility, accountability and relevance towards service delivery and to endeavor to satisfy the desires of the people.

There are many governance concepts which have been tried and tested in Sierra Leone but President Julius Maada Bio introduced a new one which Sierra Leoneans are still trying to demystify.

In the days of President Momoh it was Sierra Leoneans who dubbed him as BIG FOOL President because according to them he was used by many of the people around him to do wrongs.

That he (President Momoh) was attending any function at any time and at times he would be taken out of those programmes punch drunk and that later Momoh even accepted in a BBC interview that he believed he failed the people of Sierra Leone.

During President Kabbah’s reign, Sierra Leone described him as a MUMU (A dumb president) because he (Kabbah) was silence on most of the things that were happening in the country by then.

They believed that his gradualist mentality to governance issues made him (Kabbah) taciturn to the point that it affected majority of Sierra Leoneans who during that era were deprived of some of the basics things of even electricity supply.

Former President Koroma was also given a name in his last and final term by the people. He was called ADABAYO because they believed he left everything free for all the people that were around him.

It is even rumored that at times when these people around him (KOROMA) loot, they will give him some part of the loot.

That he (KOROMA) was always almost building or buying houses in every corner in Freetown to the point that they believed that he was a President that will buy everything.

Unlike his predecessors, Bio did not wait to be named by the people rather he christened himself by calling himself a babysitting president.

He made this statement at the third cabinet retreat at the Bintumani Conference center in Freetown in January in which the president implied that he is a babysitter who has refused to show red card and has been showing yellow cards to his ministers.

People have been asking me about what is babysitting in governance and why should the President referred to himself as a babysitting President.

BABYSITTING in governance simply means a carefree government. It means a government in which the leader will be a nanny who is finding it difficult to take action against a stubborn child.

In order words, President Bio wants to tell the people of Sierra Leone that he has been running a carefree government, a situation that has created the present hardship for the people of this country.

No wonder ministers and heads of government institutions have been behaving the way they are doing.

 It is only a government with a babysitter as the head that a Finance Minister will say all sorts of careless words like “SALONE MAN LEK LABO” when he is questioned about promises which he made before he was Minister and nothing happened to him.

The same people that elected the government and by extension gave him job, it is the same people he was calling glib because he has been placed above them now.

This concept could be related to the way our police ran into the Parliament of Sierra Leone to bundle out some of the people’s representative on the orders of the clerk.

The Babysitting ideology is when a President keeps on traveling for days and it is estimated that he has spent up to 50 Billion Leone on travelling since he (President Bio) was elected but Sierra Leoneans are finding it difficult to get a day’s meal.

Babysitting concept is when a President has been seeing how a junior internal affairs minister is always misbehaving but still retains him as minister.

It is when a Minister of information and communication unlawfully suspended the head of an independent institution and even when questioned by a public radio was very insistence on the wrongs he did.

Some people voted for President Bio in 2018 because they believed as a former military man that he will be discipline when he is power but those people may have been disappointed when the president talked about babysitting.

That was the reason people were happy when he visited the ministerial building to talk about coming to work on time and promised that he will be doing that but how can the President keeps on to those basic promises when in the next minute he will be in a plane to some conference.


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