In approving the Minister of Mines, his deputy and others, Parliament took a swipe at National Mineral Agency (NMA).

Leader of the largest Opposition party in Parliament, Hon Chernor R.M Bah said that he would remind the new Minister of Mines and Mineral resources, Timothy Musa Kabba that the position he has occupied is a hot one as within two years the President has changed two ministers.

 Hon Bah noted that the new minister should try to pinpoint the reasons for the frequent sacking of ministers, noting that the minister should learn what is the story behind the too much sacking, otherwise he would be relieved from his duty.

He drew the attention of the speaker that he is not conversant with the operation and the laws of NMA but there have been rumors around that the relationship in the past between National Mineral Agency (NMA) and Ministry of Mines and Mineral resourcesis not good.

The Leader of Government Business Hon Mathew Nyuma thanked the Leader of the opposition for bringing out this issue-the sour relationship between NMA and the Ministry of Mines.

He said that somebody cannot be a subordinate and at the same time wants to be the boss as that cannot be accepted in any form of administration

The subordinate in one sector at the ministry is appearing to be the boss in the superior sector. The boss is always the boss! We (Members of Parliament) will ensure we do due diligent this time. We are not going to allow any friendship,” Hon Nyuma said. 

The Speaker, Hon, Dr. Abass Chernoh Bunduasked the Chairman of the Committee on Mines, Hon Emmerson Saa Lamina, whether he is taking note of what the two leaders have said, he (Hon Lamina) responded in the affirmative.


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