Auditor General of Sierra Leone, Lara Taylor Pearce has given clean bill of health to Focus 1000 for following the rules and regulations in expending their finances.

FOCUS 1000 is a local non-governmental organisation (LNGO). It (Focus 1000) was established in 2012 to invest in the first 1000 days of a child’s life – the period from conception to the child’s second birthday.

Focus 1000 has prioritised three key intervention areas, namely: (i) Maternal and child nutrition (ii) Teenage pregnancy and (iii) Utilisation of services.

The Auditor stated that  FOCUS 1000 complied with the objectives for which it was set up and noted that the activities were geared towards improving maternal and child nutrition, teenage pregnancy, utilisation of health services by conducting series of research, community engagements, advocacies, etc.

“FOCUS 1000 complied with the accounting systems and controls set forth in its programme and financial management policies, processes and procedural manual as well as donor requirements and policies,” the Audit Report states

That FOCUS 1000 was in compliance with the relevant sections of the National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) Act 2001, the government’s local content policy, the government’s Child Rights Act, the Anti-Corruption Commission Act, 2008 and the Income Tax Act, 2009 (as amended).

That the records management system was adequate and that the organisation had a system in place for the recording of BUSINESS transactions as well as updated employees record.

“However, we noted that the organisation experienced a fluctuating trend in the financial flow of its operations,” the report noted.


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