The Ministry of Youth Affairs under the leadership of the hard working and development oriented Minister of Youth Affairs, Mohamed Orman Bangura has put a smile in the face of One Thousand Four Hundred (1,400) young people.

This is evident on the over Two Billion Leones that was recently disbursed by the Ministry of Finance to install Seventy (70) Outboard engines and all its fishing accessories on the already Seventy (70) local boats constructed which supports the Youths in Fisheries Project.

That this a fulfillment of a commitment that was made by the Ministry of Youth Affairs on the 14th of February 2020 informing the public of a Thirty percent (30%) disbursement part payment for the construction of Seventy (70) local fishing boats to Seven (7) national contractors for the Youths in Fisheries Project in Bonthe, Moyamba, Pujehun, Kambia, Port Loko, Western Area Rural and Urban Districts respectively.

That the process will be followed by a handing over ceremony to the One Thousand Four Hundred (1,400) young people across the Seven (7) project operational districts as direct beneficiaries in the next couple of weeks.

The Ministry called on stakeholders concerned to continue their monitoring process in order to ensure that quality work is achieve and value for tax payers’ money is guaranteed.


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