Sierra Leone Finance Minister
Jacob Jusu Saffa, Minister of Finance

While other parts of the world are expecting a joyous Christmas season, Sierra Leoneans are grumbling over the fact that things don’t seem to be getting any easier in the second December Christmas Season since the SLPP Government was elected.

Traders at Abacha Street in the central part of Freetown explained to SALONE TIMES that by this time, two years ago they were enjoying high sales but since this government came to power people don’t buy as they used to do especially on holidays.

“This Christmas season will be terrible. Just look at Abacha, you will know that people are not buying anything,” Fudiatu Kargbo, a trader at Abacha Street said.

Salamatu Tucker a trader selling vegetable at Krootown Road said at this time some years ago, they enjoyed massive sale especially those dealing in vegetable.

As the traders are grumbling in the streets, some government workers in some MDAs have told SALONE TIMES that they are yet to receive salaries and wages as at last Friday 6 December for last month.

They stated that they don’t know what is going on because when this government came to power, they were not having any delay in the payment of salary but that this latter part they have been getting their salaries very late.

That the situation is not good for them as they have to manage their homes and if the salary is coming that late, it will end up in paying debts.

“If we are yet to receive salary for November, when will December salary arrive,” a Government worker noted.


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