A move made by the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Dr. Priscilla Schwartz to pass into law a Constitutional Instrument titled: The Corona Virus Disease Emergency Funds Regulation has been described by many Sierra Leoneans as an unlawful act.

That the instrument is aimed at preventing the future auditing as to how monies, funds and other goodwill generated during the Covid-19 pandemic were expended.

The instrument states that the President shall appoints an Administrator who shall be responsible to establish audit, accounting and reporting mechanisms and processes including the keeping of proper books of account and other records in relation to the activities, property and finances of funds.

That during the performance of his duties, the Administrator shall under the special and general direction of the President.

The instrument furthered that sources of monies for the funds shall consists of monies charged on the Consolidated Revenue Funds, declared by the President to be necessary for the purposes of the Corona Virus disease emergency.

However, sources at State House confirmed that she (Priscilla Schwartz) has been asked to withdraw and review the Constitutional Instrument.


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