By Salone Times

The treason trial has been completed with the juror vindicating former Minister of Defence, Alfred Palo Conteh of all 12 counts charges of treason that was levied on him by the state.

From the inception of the case, it was very clear that there was no case of treason as the Defense clearly stipulated what is treason from what is not treason while the Prosecution failed to show any evidence of Treason.

One of Sierra Leone’s brilliant Lawyers, Rowland Wright clearly put it out to the Juror that their was no treason and that it was an error on the part of the prosecution to come up with bogus treason charges.

Rowland Wright brought out the analogy of the Prosecution promising that they were going to give the juror a delicious cassava leaf soup but ended buying ingredient to cook bitter leaf soup,meaning that they were going to present evidence for treason but ended up presenting a case for assassination of the President.

“Assassinating the President is not amount treason anywhere. The prosecution has failed to state any other act on the part of all three accused persons that was going to lead to the overthrow of the entire Government,” Rowland Wright stated.

One of the Prosecution Witnesses from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Supritendent MK Alieu revealed in his testimony that the Police never investigated for treason rather they investigated and charged for unlawful possession of arms but that it was the Attorney General’s Office who preferred treason charges.

Meanwhile, Sierra Leoneans have commended the President Julius Maada Bio for the Presidential Comportment by not attempting to interfere with the trials as has been happening in all politically sensitive matters.

That the President must now sack the Attorney General who amongst other things should have advised the government on the law but decided to be politically swayed and advised that government otherwise.

That by the decision of the Juror, the AG has not only embarrassed the President but has embarrassed the entire state.

Up till now, there has been no official statement from the Office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice.


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