In his first assignment as the Director General of the National Telecommunication Commission (NATCOM) under the New Direction administration,  it is the belief of right thinking Sierra Leoneans that  Daniel Kaitibie is on a fail trajectory as he has failed to open up the space for a fair competition in the Telecom Industry.

That he has conspired with the two legal Telecom Operators in the country, Africell and Orange to create a Corporate Duopoly in the Telecommunication Industry.

That Qcell Sierra Leone which is one of the legal Telecom operators in the country is now suffering from what has been described as Corporate Gang Up in the hands of other telecom operators in the country.

That Africell and Orange Sierra Leone blocked all calls to and from their networks to Qcell on the instructions of the National Telecommunication Commission (NATCOM).

“The attention of the general public is drawn to the fact that at about 18:00hrs on the 15th May 2020, both Africell and Orange blocked all calls to and from their networks to QCELL on the instructions of NATCOM without any lawful notification or notice despite the existence of interconnection agreements between them and QCELL,” Qcell confirmed.

That the action of NATCOM, Africell and Orange did not only deprive customers of their right to communicate between licensed networks but also deprived the Government of Sierra Leone the much-needed revenue and interrupting vital communication when it is most needed to help curb the menace of Covid-19 that is affecting the country currently.

That Qcell has always stood for affordability and Quality of Mobile Communication Service and since its inception has strived assiduously to work for the welfare of the customers, the people of Sierra Leone and to support the Goals of His Excellency Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio and the Government of Sierra Leone to improve the Quality of Communication and make Mobile Communication cheap and affordable to all Sierra Leoneans.

Responding to the issue, NATCOM maintained that Qcell has not complied with the floor price regulation which was sometimes back implemented by NATCOM.

That on the 10th March of this year, Qcell wrote to the Commission indicating that they (Qcell) have fully implemented the floor price across board adding that they found out that, that has not been done by Qcell.

Qcell however, maintained that the floor price has been implemented for both their online and offline service.

A major concern that has been expressed by many people is that why would NATCOM instruct Africell and Orange to block calls to and from Qcell instead of using other means of ensuring compliance if that is the case.


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