Intensive lobbying has started by some senior members of the  Police Force as  the Sierra Leone People Party (SLPP) Government is now on the lookout for a new Inspector General of Police.

It comes after a leaked memo in the Sierra Leone Police was circulated early this year, informing the Inspector General of Police that his terminal leave should have started this March and supposed to end in March.

The MEMO cited section 62B of the National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) Act of 2001 in which the age of 60 is prescribed as the compulsory retirement Age.

This has intensified the struggling to appoint a new IG that will replace the Richard Moigbeh in the Police Office.

Sources closed to the Police Council of which the Vice President Mohamed Juldeh Bah is the Chairman while the Minister of Internal Affairs is the Vice Chairman has revealed that there are certain names which have been coming up for recommendation to the President.

That the names of the current Deputy IG, FUK Dabo,  AIG Suvola and AIG Keili have been coming up.

That the idea of the first female IG of which the name of one of the most senior female personnel, AIG Elizabeth Turay has been coming up.

AIG Turay has been widely acclaimed for her professionalism, disciplined and intelligent by even none-police officers.

That the government may even look for someone who has retired from the police and they are considering former Director of Intelligence and Crime who is now Secretary to the Commission of Inquiry, Morrie Lengoh.


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