There is now a growing concern among many people who have started asking questions as to why the process of planting trees in relation to the $6,738,250 that was given to government as revenue is taking too long to take effect.

Some times last year, the Sole Agent for the exporting of timber, Leadway Trading Company paid as revenue to the government of Sierra Leone the total sum of $54,225,750 of which $6,738,250 was meant for Afforestation and Cities.

It is believed that the sum of $6,738,250 has been given to the Ministry of Environment in order to ensure that this process of afforestation is embarked on.

That since the money was given to the ministry nothing tangible seems to be happening with regards to the purpose for which the money was made available.

It is also believed that contracts have been awarded for the afforestation to fly by night agents by the Ministry without any procurement due process and that no tree has so far been planted across the country.

This concern is one that is not only disturbing to Sierra Leoneans but also to communities where the timber logging is being done.

The expectation of the communities is that with the cutting down of trees, more trees need to be planted in order to ensure replacement and to avoid devastating climate change effects.

Several efforts made by the New Age for a whole week just to get the side of the Ministry of Environment proved futile.

New Age went to the Ministry of Environment and was referred to the Forestry Division of the Ministry which they said is responsible for such mandate but nobody could speak on the issue.

But New Age was also told by the Ministry to reach State House on the issue of which the Strategic Communication Adviser at State House, Patrick Muana stated that State House has no business with the finances of the project.

That the advice of State House is to ensure that the project is given to a local bidder to be implemented, adding that State House suggested that youth and women groups should be given the opportunity to be part of the project.