Information reaching this medium indicated that a night club located at the Aberdeen Beach which is allegedly owned by a government minister is not complying with the COVID-19 measures.

That the night club in question is now full to the brink since some of the COVID-19 measures were recently relaxed by government.

Many people have expressed concern that such act is happening despite the fact that places of worship such as mosques and churches are still close to members of the public who had anticipated that they would have been opened by the government.

In line with this concern as raised by many people, one of the men of God in the country, Pastor Francis AM Mambu has called on government to open the places of worship which he believed could be of help in containing the virus.

“Inside this crisis if we are going to overcome as a nation, the authorities need to open the places of worship as we cannot fight this battle without the help of God,” Pastor Mambu stated.

He also called on other authorities who are very close to the President to plead with him and make him understand that it was prayer that delivered the nation during the Ebola crisis.

Pastor Mambu’s call resonates with the call and pleading of many people who have been asking that government should open churches and mosques which they believe is not as harmful as market places which are open to the public, in terms of spreading the virus.

He stressed that it is only God that will deliver the country from the deadly pandemic noting that no amount of money can do that if God is not involved.


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