It is very clear that the army has and should have nothing to do with land issue as it is a matter for the internal security for which the police is well placed to do that.

But since the present Minister of Lands, Dennis Sandy became the Minister of Lands for the second time, he has brought the army into land debacles which has also tarnished the hard-earned reputation of the army.

NEW AGE has stepped up investigation into 58 acres of land lying and situated between No 2 and Tokeh Communities.

The said land is owned by five families for which a power of Attorney is given to one Kadie Davies, who happened to be the deposed Member of Parliament for that Constituency.

According to one of the family heads, their documents have been verified by the current Minister of Lands and that a months ago they were surprised to see some military men at the said land.

That they have been beating their people at the said land and at the same time, one of the popular land grabbers, Pastor Chamber has his presence at the said land every other day.

In order to prove the veracity of such huge allegation NEW AGE together with other media houses embarked on an investigation in the community.

Indeed, when we went to the community, we saw a military tent at the said land and we made attempt to enter the land but we were stopped by one of the Military Men that we should not go into the camp.

We told him that we want to know about the said land and under whose permission they are placed in the said land, they called someone in our presence and the person told them they should not speak to us and that if we want to know we should go to the Ministry of Lands.

As such, we called the authorities at the Ministry of Defense who confirmed to us that the presence of military men in any land is not to their knowledge.

 In fact, the Regional Brigade Commander, Brigadier Alpha said that he has none of his men stationed in any land in the Western Area.

Just as we were trying to confirm under whose authority these men are put to guard the land, we were told that the head of the Presidential Body Guard, Colonel Kposowa is behind it.

We tried to reach out to Col. Kpsowa but he initially said that he will not talk to a journalist on the phone because of fake journalists but later in the night he called NEW AGE.

He confirmed that the men at the said land are his men and that he requested for land on behalf of the Presidential Guards at State House and that the Minister of Lands, Denis Sandy gave them that parcel of land as state land.

Details on this in subsequent editions.


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