At the inconclusive congress of Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) held in Kenema over the week end, manipulation was the order of the day especially with the complicit nature of the FIFA Representative who transformed himself from an observer to a delegate.

The congress seen the President of the Sierra Leone Football Association, Isha Johanesn clearly noticing that she has only 23 delegates out of the 53 which makes it tougher for her to win the election.

As such, Isha Johansen announced cronies and some politicians of the former APC government of President Koroma who put her in office in 2012 through fictitious ‘unopposed’ means.

She refused to allow nomination of the people that should be in the electoral and other judicial bodies so that she will have people that will do her bidding of repeating what the former government did for her in 2012 by nullifying all other candidates, making her the single candidate.

This has seen former adviser to President Koroma and later Minister of Energy Oluniyi Robin Coker as Chairman of the Electoral Committee.

The failed Minister of Energy who was later sacked by President Koroma in a strongly worded public notice from State House in February 2014 for gross incompetence is now the one in charge of doing the bid of the Johansen led Executive.

Coker who also attempted to contest for the Mayor of Freetown, failed to secure his party symbol will be deputized by university lecturer Dr. Fatu Tacqui who is an executive member in one of the clubs in Sierra Leone, a situation sports analysts say makes her unqualified to serve in any committee.

It is believed that being a woman of integrity, the former head of 50-50 Sierra Leone, Dr. Tacqui will not have her integrity and hard earned reputation tainted as she has always exhibited huge integrity in all her life.

Surprisingly, the electoral appeal’s committee is being headed by former registrar of the fast-track commercial court, Lansana Kotor Kamara who is currently facing corruption trial in the high court of Sierra Leone.

This happened because the FA failed to allow members to deliberate the integrity of persons handpicked by Isha Johansen to serve in both the electoral and judicial committees.

Meanwhile, the FA Secretary General, Chris Kamara has denied any wrong doing.


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