By Aruna M Kargbo

Speaking to the youths during the International Youth Day (IYD) the Minister of Youth Affairs, Mohamed Orman Bangura expressed the extent to which the youths can contribute to the development of any nation.

“Our Young People remain our most precious asset for local, national and global development,” Hon. Mohamed Orman Bangura stated.

He maintained that the theme for this year’s International Youth Day (IYD) is “Youth Engagement for Global Action,” noting that the Ministry has been working in order to fulfill the President’s dream of making sure that the youths are empowered.

He assured that the government of President Bio is committed to creating more safe spaces for our youth at the local level with massive support to District Councils across the Country, appointment of young people at national and global levels as key decision makers and implementers.

Minister Orman affirmed that their policies, programs and activities are geared towards creating more engagements with our young people, promoting gender equality, supporting entrepreneurs and developing the skills and competencies of our Youth.

He advised that as young persons, they should believe in themselves, adding that they should have goals and develop a plan around it to help them achieve the same.

“Chase your dreams and if you want to be further motivated to achieve your goals, take your time and listen to Emerson’s Track 3 (Make Am) in his recent album 9Lives to be inspired and fired up for change and transformation,” he motivated.


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