Reliable source closed to the British Government has intimated SALONE TIMES that the British Government has written a letter to the Chief Minister, expressing concerns over British Tax Payers Money in Sierra Leone.

The letter was written by the British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone, S  imon Mustard, concerning the conduct put up by the Minister of Lands in destroying a UK Government funded project that is being executed by Catholic Relief Service (CRS) for the Freetown City Council.

The letter revealed that the project in question was funded by the British Tax Payers Money through DFID for which due diligence was done through the office of the Vice President.

That the Vice President initially settle a dispute between the Sierra Leone Road Authority and the Freetown City Council concerning the said land and that it was resolved that the best purpose of the said land is to be transfer site with some green work in it environs.

That the British Government was shocked that the Ministry of Lands could use military men to vandalize the said site and assaulted the contractor and its workers.

That the British Government is urging the government to ensure that the issue is resolve amicably and for all to concentrate in the fight against COVID 19.

Copies of the letter were sent to the Vice President, the Minister of Works and Public Assets, the Attorney General and other stakeholders respectively.


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