The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has arrested Three (3) staff of the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) based on allegations of embezzlement of public funds.

The ACC maintained that the Three (3) staff who are attached at the Billing Section of the EDSA office at Siaka Stevens Street in Freetown facilitated the embezzlement of over One Billion Leones (Le1,000,000,000).

The Commission furthered that acting on reliable and cogent information, the ACC’s Elite Scorpion Squad raided the EDSA Office and made the arrest.

“The ACC’s Elite Scorpion Squad, acting on reliable and cogent information struck the EDSA’s Billing Section at Siaka Stevens Street, in Freetown arresting 3 staff who are believed to have facilitated the embezzlement of over 1Billion Leones of public revenue over a period of just 6 months. These are monies believed to have been paid by large companies and enterprises,” the ACC stated.

That the corruption scheme which was being carried out by the staff in question was being done by sending bills to various companies and enterprises and that they would then collect the cheques themselves from the tax payers and work with bank staff to facilitate the diversion.

The Commission added that the cheques were deposited into personal accounts so that the money can be re-accessed and shared.

That they will also investigate as to why the financial accounting structure of EDSA could not detect such a corrupt practice despite the amount of money involved.

They stated that the Three (3) arrested staff are currently aiding the ACC on its investigation and that more arrests will be made in the coming days.

Responding to the release of the ACC, the Ministry of Energy maintained that they are in full support of the move that has been made by the ACC, adding it is line with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that was signed between the ACC and Ministry to help fight corruption in the sector.

“It could be recalled that the Minister of Energy had sought the expertise and intervention of the ACC in helping his ministry and EDSA deal with the rampant cases of electricity theft or abstraction, instances of open or secret subornation and procedural improprieties,” the Ministry of Energy stated.