Deputy Organizing Secretary of the main opposition, All People’s Congress (APC) Party, Karamoh Kabba has told newsmen that the party will encourage it members not to cooperate with the SLPP Government Judge led Commission of Inquiry.

He said the Commission of Inquiry is based on selective justice and tribalism and they cannot be happy with its establishment when it is targeting a particular set of people.

He said the APC believes in development and all the good policies the ruling SLPP government has for the progress of this country, but added that the setting up of a Commission of Inquiry is illegitimate and a complete witch-hunt.

Karamoh Kabba warned that Sierra Leone is on a path of unconstitutionality, adding that moral bankruptcy and ethical derailment is part of the hall marks of this government.

He furthered that if the SLPP government is genuine about fighting corruption, they should start from 1996 to date.

He said the current leadership of the country is becoming unconstitutional and morally bankrupt; that is why they will encourage their people not to cooperate with the Commission of Inquiry, because according to him, it is a deliberate ploy to stop the APC from challenging the SLPP come 2023.

He maintained that the APC party is not corrupt and the Inquiry process needs to be sanitized to gain public cooperation.

In his response, the Minister of Information and Communication, Mohamed Rahman Rado Swarray, said the APC is trying to deceive people and gain public sympathy for them not to face the Commission of Inquiry.

He said the Commission of Inquiry is about drawing a line on impunity, adding that APC will quarrel with anything that is not in their interest.

He mentioned that it is now clear that the allegations in the GTT report have substance because some past public officials have agreed to be paying back stolen monies.


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