The just released Auditor General’s Report has revealed that there is a total of Le177.5 billion which remains unaccounted for.

This came at a time when the present administration promised the people in their New Direction Manifesto which is dubbed as the “peoples’ manifesto” that they will ensure that all leakages are blocked.

And in other to ensure that leakages are blocked and expenditure rationalization is effected, government established the Single Treasury Account (STA) system which was to ensure that government spending is effectively controlled. 

In the previous audit report the total amount of Le140.9 billion was reported to have been unaccounted for and in this latest report a total addition of Le36.6 billion has been missing making it a total of Le177.5 billion.

Just like previous audits issues relating to control over revenue, expenditure, public debts, cash and bank, procurement of goods and services continue to attract public attention.

The issues raised in the latest audit has got many people worried and concerned that nothing has changed as was promised by the current administration.

Given the alarming nature of misappropriation and mismanagement that has been revealed by the Audit Report, most people are now left with the thinking that though a New Direction proposal was put forward by the President Bio led team, business as usual has been solidified.

The audit revealed that the Sierra Leone Maritime Administration (SLMA) failed to provide receipts book for audit purposes for January to June 2019, noting that a comparison of revenue recorded in their cashbook amounted to Le61.29 billion and that revenue as per their bank statement amounted to Le41.5 billion which resulted to a missing Le19.79 billion; funds totaling the sum of Le1.6 billion was withdrawn from the Consolidated Fund account at the Bank of Sierra Leone to meet cost of funeral expenses of some senior government officials who had passed away among other issues were captured by the report.