Reacting to what they referred to as false and unfounded rumours about President Bio’s health, supporters of the ruling SLPP government has blasted some Sierra Leoneans including APC propagandist for wishing bad things for the president.
Facts are that for the past couple of days, the social media has been inundated with false reports about President Bio’s health, claiming that he has suffered a stroke and had been flown out of the country on a wheelchair for medical attention.
Reacting to the rumours, SLPP supporters have accused the APC who, they said are very worried about the imminent Judge led Commission of Enquiry that is hanging over their heads for peddling such pathological lies.
They charged that how can APC supporters be so wicked to have even imagined and made up such a story that President Bio, a healthy looking and energetic man was rushed out of the country in a wheelchair with both limbs paralyzed.
The SLPP supporters also accused APC and some Sierra Leoneans of having “a bad-heart” for President Bio, saying no wonder the late President Kabba also coined that phrase to express his disgust about the attitude of some unpatriotic citizens.
Meanwhile, the Press Secretary and Presidential Spokesman, Yusuf Keketoma Sandi, has described such rumors as a mere imagination of few miscreant.
He maintained that President Bio is not only healthy and strong but also full of energy and zeal to continue with fighting corruption, recovering the battered economy, improving the living standards of ordinary people, restoring Sierra Leone’s international credibility, delivering on free education and providing a disciplined leadership.
He concluded by saying this government cannot be distracted with lies and evil thoughts by a set of scoundrels.
Contrary to the fake new passing through about President Bio’s health, report indicates that he has received an ovation at the opening ceremony of the ECOWAS Heads of State and Governments taking place in Lome, Togo.
The ovation came during the opening statement of the ECOWAS Chairman, President of Togo, Faure Essozimna who singled out President Bio to welcome him to his maiden ECOWAS Summit and congratulated him for his election as President of Sierra Leone.
As President Bio rose to his feet in the midst of wild applause from his colleagues, officials of ECOWAS and members of various delegations, the report says that people could sense the goodwill for his presidency to be a great success.
The election of President Bio and his outstanding achievements within his first 100 days in office has not only improved Sierra Leone’s reputation internationally but also many of his colleagues heads of states in the continent see him as both refreshing and inspiring.


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