The All People Congress (APC) Branch  in Denmark donated over 300 bags of rice in Ward 379 in Newton at Western Area Rural District Council.

The donation was done on Thursday 21 April at the Newton Community and was received by the council on behalf of the people.

Receiving the donation, Councilor Alimatu Kamara of ward 379 thanked the APC Denmark Branch for such a donation at this difficult time.

She said that this is a time people are finding it difficult to live because of the huge impact on the lives of the people by COVID 19.

She also emphasized the need for people to go by the guidelines that have been put in place by the government so that they can fight the COVID-19 IN Sierra Leone

The Chairman of APC in Denmark Steven Koroma sent the 300 bags of rice on behalf of the APC Denmark Branch and it benefitted over 60 Families.

Beneficiaries of the project stated expressed thanks to the APC Denmark Branch for such a wonderful gesture.


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