From the look of things, it seems as if the center can no longer hold in the All People Congress Party as the party continues to be in disarray.

The new faction which has emerged in the party is a breakaway from the National Reformation Movement and they are against what they described as the cunning tactics of the APC leadership that has divided the NRM.

The group is being headed by Bumneh Sulaymani Kamara who is the global leader and chairman of the APC’s Progressive Alliance.

Speaking to press men, Bumneh Kamara said that he is one of the three plaintiffs that took the APC Leadership to court and has nothing to do with the peace pact which was signed in Makeni for a consent judgment that will remove the matter from court.

“I Bumneh Sulaymani Kamara will not take responsibility on the outcome of the said MOU to sign withdrawal of my case in court. I have notified the legal team, representing the plaintiffs on the matter and I have also in writing and verbally notified the leadership of NRM,” he maintained.

He continued that he will only withdraw the court case if the party among other things had adopted the draft APC constitution before a consent judgment, if the party educate the membership on the positive and negative impact of the Commission of Inquiries and its white papers on the persons of interest that are in the party.

He called on the Chief Justice and the judiciary of Sierra Leone to ensure that the court case is speedily concluded and the much-needed justice be given.