While Sierra Leoneans are finding it difficult to make ends meet, President Bio and those close to corridors of power were busy lavishing millions in organising a one year party for him and his PaOpa government in power.

The party was organized at the forecourt of the Presidential lodge at Hill Station where party stalwarts and those close to the corridors  of power were busy enjoying themselves as Sierra Leoneans keep complaining about the current state of the economy in the country

Those who attended the party last Thursday 4 April night were amazed at the amount of money that could have been lavished at the one year party.

One of them who refused to be named for obvious reason said that millions may have been spent in the organisation of such a party.

Another person said that there were many party loyalists in the party as it seems as if it was a party affair than a government affair.

Opposition parties were not invited in any of the government functions to mark the celebration of the one year of the President in office .

In his official twitter page President Bio asked Sierra Leoneans to pray for the country while he and his cohorts were busy partying his one year at state lodge amidst massive hunger.

When SALONE TIMES contacted the Minister of Information and Communication Mohamed Rado Swaray  he could not respond to call or text message while the Strategic Communication Adviser in the Office of the President, Patrick  Muana  said that no millions were spent on the party  at a whatsapp group while urging journalist to do full investigation but refused to say the exact amount that was spent.


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